What Do You Know about Online Pharmacies?

    What do you think of this fuss about selling prescription drugs online? Is a crackdown by Congress or state regulators really necessary? I recently had a prescription filled online. It was so convenient, and I had my medication the next day.

    We agree that it can be convenient to purchase prescription drugs online. I also know that many people find these online pharmacies not only to be convenient but also to allow people a greater degree of privacy, especially for purchasing items like birth control pills and condoms. And some of the smarter online pharmacies are developing tools to help consumers find the best over-the-counter medications and products for their needs, such as alcohol-free cough medicine for children. Finally, the major online drugstores are providing teams of real live pharmacists who personally answer your questions via e-mail, often within 24 hours. These are great services.

    Yet, as with any good idea, there is always the potential for abuse, and we're definitely seeing it here. For example, in testimony before the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, television journalists explained how easily they were able to get drugs on behalf of people long dead, a seven-year-old child and even a cat. State authorities are beginning to crack down on some of these practices.

    Unfortunately, the news about these abuses may be tainting the many reputable pharmacies that maintain higher standards of medical care.

    This means you can use your drug insurance plans to fill prescriptions online and avoid filing for reimbursement. Furthermore, with a physician's approval, online pharmacy offers extended 90-day prescriptions in addition to the traditional 30-day script used by traditional pharmacies. This can be a great help for many people taking prescription medication long-term. As the end of your prescription approaches, you'll receive an e-mail reminder with a refill option.
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    As noteworthy the service is, equally important is the quality control online pharmacy offers. To fill a prescription, you must first have a valid script signed by a licensed U.S. doctor. The online pharmacy pharmacists personally verify each new prescription with your physician. Furthermore, through its network affiliations, online pharmacy automatically cross-checks all medications you may currently be taking for potentially harmful interactions, regardless of where they were dispensed. Down the line, expect them to offer safety screening not only between drugs but also between pharmaceuticals and various vitamins, supplements and other over-the-counter medications.

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